References KÖNIG SOLAR

Germany Rhein-Lahn district, Lipporn

11 MWp

Start of construction: September 2023
Start of operation: Early 2024

An extensive area spanning 10 hectares – roughly the size of 19 football pitches – is being used to create a sustainable energy source.

The aim of the €8 million solar project is to generate sustainable energy on a large scale.
Choosing the right solar mounting systems played a key role in this. KÖNIG has made a significant contribution to this project by providing high-quality solar mounting systems: Around 20,000 modules and 271 tables, weighing a total of 320 tonnes of steel, will transform an idyllic meadow landscape into a powerful energy supplier that will meet the electricity needs of around 3,500 families.

This solar project is an excellent example of the regional energy transition. As well as providing clean electricity, the extensification of the meadows will provide a valuable habitat for insects and birds, and sheep grazing will be used to maintain the area.

Through the “Oberes Mühlbachtal” energy co-operative, the local authorities, associated municipalities and citizens are involved in the construction and subsequent revenue.

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Energy transition2

We play a double role

Left: Marcus Wöhl, CEO
thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe

The energy transition requires innovative approaches and alternative energy sources. The integration of CO2-reduced steel in solar plant mounting systems is a big step in the right direction. We are proud to work with KÖNIG in making this ground-breaking change and to play a part in reducing CO2 emissions.”

Right: Meiko Fiedler
Managing Director KÖNIG Profilsysteme

“The use of CO2-reduced steel enables us to offer our customers environmentally friendly special profiles that meet the highest quality standards. Our sturdy, durable solar mounting systems support our customers in achieving their sustainable goals while helping to reduce their ecological footprint.”

As a renowned manufacturer of solar installation systems, we are committed to creating a future that is eco-friendly. Thanks to our pioneering collaboration with thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe, ever since May 2023 we have been able to use CO2-reduced steel in our products. This innovative approach helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in solar mounting systems and to shorten the energy payback time of solar installations.

Photovoltaic systems are considered a key technology for the sustainable generation of electricity from solar energy. However, in order to further minimise the ecological footprint of these systems, we have opted to integrate CO2-reduced steel from thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe. This step has resulted in an impressive CO2 reduction of more than 60 %
in our mounting systems for solar parks.

The certified Product Carbon Footprint calculator from thyssenkrupp Materials Services plays a key role in this project. This calculator makes it possible to calculate the exact CO2 emissions of every product supplied in a transparent manner, from manufacture through to delivery. This transparency across the entire supply chain enables us to design our added-value processes in a sustainable way.

The starting material used, bluemint® recycled from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, boasts a remarkable 64% reduction in CO2. This steel is based on high-quality scrap recycling and contributes significantly to the BEYOND sustainability strategy of thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

About thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe: thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe is a leading steel and aluminium service centre with eleven sites in six countries. The company offers us tailor-made services and digital solutions for flat steel and non-ferrous metals for various industrial sectors.